From Catastrophe to Vision

National Strategy for a POST-Hamas GAZA

While the political and military apparatus in Israel continue to work tirelessly to achieve the war’s objectives, MIND Israel is complementing these efforts, through a special project designed to flesh out a vision for a secure Israel post October 7.

Our integrative and innovative analysis factors-in a number of elements: rebuilding the Western Negev and towns severely hit by the Hamas-led attack, strengthening Israel’s economy, restoring public trust in Israeli institutions, preserving and bolstering Israel’s partnership with the U.S. and continuing Israel’s integration into the region.

This initial phase of the project was led by Major General (ret.) Amos Yadlin along with Major General (ret.) Giora Eiland, former head of Israel’s National Security Council (2004-2006) and head of the Planning Directorate in the IDF (2001-2003).

The second phase of the project comprises of an analysis regarding developments on the ground which diverge from the initial plan offered. In the current conflictual, fast-changing reality, the MIND team continues to update policy recommendations further to constrictions and limitations alongside actively searching for new opportunities encapsulated in developments as they occur.

The third phase of the project includes dialogue with strategic partners in the United States, Europe and the region.  To this end, the MIND team has developed mechanisms for opinion exchanges with local and international colleagues, from the political, defense and academic establishments – which we continue to nurture. 

"This is an opportunity to realign the entire Israeli system and to improve it on the basis of concrete, research-backed policy recommendations that will serve as a base and moral compass for national decision-makers"
Major General (ret.) Amos Yadlin
President & Founder

After its launching, during January 2024, Mind Israel professionals published a series of articles in on one of Israel’s leading news outlets, N12, referring to the project. Below are a number of excerpts from these articles:

January 6, 2024 , N12 News
January 25, 2024 , N12 News
January 28, 2024 , N12 News

Mind Israel delegation, Strategic Dialogue, Washington D.C ,February 2024

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